A downloadable game for Windows

is a massively multiplayer online game set in a fairytale world colored with parody and witty fun. The heroes are comprised of a motley crew of wolves, sheep, catgirls, and scrappers who have pledged their undying allegiance to either Little Bo Peep or Red Riding Hood.


  • Four races with skill trees.
  • Crafting system for equipment.
  • Contests, server events, and big battles.
  • PvP with guilds and factions.
  • Pet Combat
  • Player to player mounting.
  • This game is free to play.  You can pay for tokens to buy items, but you can also earn tokens by doing the daily grind.

Install instructions

First install Secondhand Lands Installer.msi, this will install the Launcher which will open a connection to the patch server.  The launcher will download all the game data and code needed to run Secondhand Lands. 

All the code is code signed to ensure you're receiving the files from Callipygian Games unmodified by a third party.


Secondhand Lands Installer.msi 1 MB